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CoyoteMoon Film's “Christmas Present To And From Tucson” the Se Habla Español DVD is now available! In addition to Se Habla Español the DVD features Even A Gringa Can Make A Tamale (complete with recipes), a detailed look Behind The Scenes and a Ken Burns-style photo montage, Tucson: Two Cultures, featuring Tucson’s best photographers.

Se Habla Español DVD - $15.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Angelica (Jessica Montalvo) becomes a powerful connection between Anglo and Hispanic cultures in this day-in-the-life film poem. Filmed on location in Tucson, Arizona and the Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Se Habla Español is a very contemporary film poem in 3 scenes that follows the wonderful Angelica through one very moving day in her life at work in La Buena Tortilleria, at her lunch break downtown by the Pancho Villa statue and after work, at early Mass in Mission San Xavier.

In Tucson, the DVD is available for $12 at Borders, Barnes & Noble, La Buena Tortilleria and Tucson Museum Of Art.


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