Se Habla Espaņol - View the Trailer

Angelica (Jessica Montalvo) becomes a powerful connection between Anglo and Hispanic cultures in this
day-in-the-life film poem. Filmed on location in Tucson, Arizona and the Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Every movie begins with a script -- with the magic and passion a writer brings to the project. At CoyoteMoon Films, each project we take on will be treated individually -- with the story itself determining how the film will be produced. Honoring the story means the screenwriter will be involved in the film as a full member of the production team. Script revision will always be part of the process but does not have to mean revising the life out of a story just for the sake of the deal.

At CoyoteMoon Films, we believe a film’s success depends on more than the size of its budget. A full-service and filmmaker-friendly production company, CoyoteMoon Films will shepherd the project from beginning to end: from the original screenplay concept through the development process, through attaching cast and crew, through principal photography, and finally through to post-production and distribution.

CoyoteMoon Films intends to focus primarily on low budget and micro-budget movies in a variety of genres, with an eye toward projects that can be filmed in the Southwest. Our Business Plan has been designed to maximize return on investment (“ROI”) for investors who, if desired, will also get on-screen credit. Our supporters may choose to invest in the Company as a whole or in a specific movie within our slate of film scripts.

For our films requiring larger budgets we intend to partner with other producing entities who share our belief that creating a compelling story is the best way to assure commercial success.

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